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     I tried out a few different cleaning companies before finding Richmond upon Thames Carpet Cleaning Company. They charge so much less than a lot of other places, and yet the quality is much higher, and customer service is fantastic.
Gillian Mayhew19/05/2020
     Started regular cleaning today. It was fast and thorough. Thanks to Richmond upon Thames Carpet Cleaning Company for doing such a great job!!
Robert T.19/09/2019
     Ever since the first time I made contact with Richmond upon Thames Carpet Cleaner I've received nothing but the best. There have been parts of my house that have been very difficult to clean, but their cleaners have always made it look easy.
     I own a gym and we aim to have clean environment throughout the fitness centre. RichmonduponThamesCarpetCleaners helps us achieve this day after day. Their staff are friendly and do a fantastic job. They take care of all the cleaning tasks including cleaning all the equipment, the floor, the carpets, the bathrooms and the stairs. Our patrons have often commented that our gym is one of the cleanest around here. All credit goes to your team! Keep up the good work!
Garry L.19/08/2015

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